Burning Raspberry Pi Distro on SD Card using Windows XP

After seeing inconvenient methods of burning the Raspberry Pi distro Wheezy on an SD Card using my Mac, I have turned to using my Windows XP Acer Apsire 1 Netbook. This thing is old but boy is it cute!

Raspberry Pi on top of the Acer AspireOne Netbook. Kind of makes the Raspberry Pi look like a microATX mobo!

Following the “Copying the image to an SD Card on Windows” instructions on this page, I  was able to burn the disk image to the SD Card using Win32DiskImager.

Quick instructions:
– Extract .zip that was downloaded from RasperberryPi.org
– Install Win32DiskImager, execute program.
– Select .img that came from extracted .zip, select SD Card drive.
– Let this thing do it’s magic.
– Once all is complete, safely remove the SD card and place in Raspberry Pi.
– Boot it up!

The first time it starts up, it may take a bit longer. Sometimes, I get a screen that says “Finish”:

I always boot without anything in the USB ports. Sometimes this blocks the startup/boot process because it finds a device that it doesn’t know what to do with yet. I find that everything works great if I plug in the Mouse/Keyboard just before I need to use it.

Sometimes, I am asked to login (Username: pi Password: raspberry) and then I enter ‘startx’ to start the Graphic User Interface. As a novice, it was crazy to think that before GUI’s, people just used computers through command line interface, insane!

Worked beautifully!

I want to make a note about imaging the SD Cards. I’ve noticed that after the process is complete, sometimes it seems like there is something wrong with the SD Card, on the RPi Easy SD Card Setup page, I saw this note:

In Windows the SD card will appear only to have a fairly small size – about 75 Mbytes. This is because most of the card has a partition that is formatted for the Linux operating system that the RPi uses and is not visible in Windows.



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